Fearing a Shootout at the ER Corral

From the NY Times:

I relayed this circumstance to an emergency-room doctor, and he saw it as relatively straightforward: “The potential for further violence does not supersede the Hippocratic oath.” He said the surgeons have a duty to care for the patient in the manner that best reflects his condition and that holding a patient in the E.R. inappropriately transfers the duty of care to a different physician. He also noted that the ward is almost certainly safer than the emergency room because of the E.R.’s open-door policy.

The Patient-Friendly ER: From Hello to Goodbye

From MedPage Today:

It seems that the time the patient is getting ready to leave the emergency room is an ideal opportunity for us to stop and focus on the patient, to make sure they really have what they need to safely go home. Are their outpatient medications reconciled with new ones given in the ED, are home services in place, and have appropriate follow-up appointments been made? Have there been discussions of the plan with family members and the rest of the patient’s care team, including the primary care provider and any subspecialists? Giving a patient a number to call to make an appointment does not seem like a very patient-centered (or safe) discharge plan.