ED patient slaps Emergency Physician, “exposes genital area”, goes to jail

From Valley Central:

A patient of Valley Baptist Medical Center is behind bars after police say he slapped a medical doctor.

Harlingen police arrested Jamie Glenn Cone on two charges including a charge of assault of an emergency medical service personnel providing service.

According to police, he intentionally slapped the doctor’s face with an open hand and also pulled down his own pants, exposing his genital area.

Emergency Physician opinines that survival for infant for 29 hours in cold impossible

From the Des Moines Register:

After hearing the story of Kayden Powell’s apparent kidnapping, abandonment and rescue, a Des Moines emergency room physician said a baby less than a week old could not have survived 29 hours in temperatures near or below zero. 

Authorities found 5-day-old Kayden inside a gray container left outside a West Branch gas station, wrapped in clothing and blankets, about 29 hours after the suspect in his kidnapping was taken into custody. 

The baby couldn’t have been outside for more than a “handful of hours,” Dr. Steve Dawson of Mercy Children’s Hospital and Clinics Pediatric Emergency Center in Des Moines said late Friday. He estimated eight hours as the upper limit.