Hospital-Themed Restaurant

From Fun Fever:

A unique, weird restaurant has opened in Riga, Latvia named “Hospitalis“.It is a must-see place if you like gore things. The restaurant looks like a medicine cabinet, while you are treated as a patient and taken good care by the long-legged waitresses in nurses uniforms.

The food is served in flasks and operating-room’s dishes and isn’t that cheap (7 and more lats per meal), but this is a bizarre experience that is worth breaking the bank. Besides, the place is owned by local doctors, but unfortunately, the president of Latvia, who is also a doctor, declined his appearance at the opening once he realized how weird this place actually is.

Emergency Physician’s Care Prompts $100K Donation to His Hospital

From CTPost:

The letter that showed up in Dr. Kevin Sprague’s mailbox late last year didn’t seem unusual in any way — until he opened it and found a $100,000 check inside.

The check was a contribution to Bridgeport Hospital, where Sprague, 32, of Milford, works as a doctor in the emergency department. Attached to the check was a note thanking him for taking care of the donor’s wife.

“You attended professionally and with consideration to an elderly patient — my wife — and a half dozen concerned relatives,” the letter read. “Your diagnoses were right. We brought my wife home in good shape.”

How the Affordable Care Act will affect emergency department payments

From Kevin MD:

As emergency physicians (EPs) are required to evaluate all patients under the federal EMTALA mandate, the changes in payment brought about by the ACA could improve balance sheets among EPs serving high proportions of uninsured patients.

Emergency Physicians Reportedly 5th Happiest Speciality

According to Medscape.

Part of their “Emergency Physician Lifestyle Report 2014”