Rapid Response Teams: “Managerial buzzword self-aggrandizing nonsense”

From Emergency Medicine Literature of Note:

Rapid response teams sound good in theory – specifically skilled nurses as back-up providers for floor emergencies, intervening and escalating patients in times of unexpected deterioration.  However, the largest cluster-randomized trial and multiple meta-analyses have failed to show any benefit to rapid response teams.

The response to this high-quality evidence?  Irresponsible conclusions based on low-quality retrospective data.

Man causes “commotion” in the ED: “What’s your name, dawg?”

From the Inquirer:

As he was being attended routinely at the emergency room’s reception desk, he suddenly raised his voice and criticized the hospital.

The security guards were drawn into the emergency room by the commotion. They asked the person to leave but he refused.

The guards’ presence made him so angry that he repeatedly demanded the desk person’s name and shouted curse words at the security personnel.

At one point the man threatened to sue the hospital and the guards.

He kept shouting “Get the f*** off me” at the guards and “What’s your name dawg?!” at the desk personnel.