Nurse bitten during string of emergency department attacks

From the Telegraph:

Nurses are being regularly bashed, bitten, threatened and attacked and are considering a strike if security is not improved, the union has warned.

ANF Victorian branch assistant secretary Paul Gilbert said the hospital had left nurses to fend for themselves with no ‘Code Grey’ policy in place to deal with violent and aggressive patients or visitors.

Discover Card – Emergency Room

Amusing video from 2001

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Hub of the Enterprise: Transforming the ED’s Role in Delivering Agile and Coordinated Care

From the Advisory Board:

From ‘front door’ to ‘hub of the enterprise’

Tomorrow’s accountable payment models, along with the increased ED volumes expected to accompany expanded health care coverage, will require providers to deliver efficient, cost-effective care while improving transitions across care settings.

Rather than reactively responding to these pressures, hospital executives must recognize—and capitalize on—the ED’s potential to sway performance in key areas of interest. We must recast the ED’s role from the “front door” to the “hub of an integrated enterprise.”