Town Comes Together to Light Airstrip for Medical Evacuation

From Neatorama:

The town of Contamana, Peru, has a hospital, but it has no emergency equipment. It also has an airstrip, but it doesn’t operate a night because there are no lights. But Wednesday night, a woman and her newborn baby needed emergency medical help. So did a teenager with a tropical disease. How could the medevac plane take off in the dark? A plea for help went out over the local radio station.

These Aren’t Your Grandma’s Bath Salts

From ACEP:

An analysis of poison control data from nine Midwestern states reveals a complex picture of the range of emergency patients poisoned by legal “designer drugs” known as bath salts, with one being just one day old and an unusually high proportion sick enough to be admitted to the intensive care unit of the hospital.  Older users, mostly male, were more likely to inject the drugs and were also more likely to become critically ill, according to a study published online Tuesday in Annals of Emergency Medicine (“A Nine State Analysis of Designer Stimulant, ‘Bath Salt,’ Hospital Visits Reported to Poison Control Centers”)

NC Hospital’s New Slogan Pledges to ‘Cheat Death’

From the New York Times:

A North Carolina hospital that recently changed its name has also adopted a new slogan: “Cheat Death.”

Gaston Memorial Hospital in Gastonia has become CaroMont Regional Medical Center and plans to work with restaurants to create “Cheat Death” menus and will work with gyms to create “Cheat Death” workouts. A social media campaign will offer tips on cheating death.

CaroMont CEO Randall Kelley says the hospital hopes to create a community health movement.

But not everyone likes the new slogan.