Family Physicians Filling Emergency Medicine Jobs

From Code 3 Spots:

According to a 2008 National Study of the Emergency Medicine Workforce from the American College of Emergency Physicians, “family medicine (31%) and internal medicine (23%) were the most common backgrounds for non-emergency medicine-trained/emergency medicine board certified emergency physicians.”

This study also pointed out that in 1980, there were no board-certified emergency physicians and as of 2008, there were 22,000. Of the 39,061 clinically active emergency physicians in the 2008 study, 57% were emergency medicine board certified and 69% were emergency medicine trained or emergency medicine board certified.

“It’s very common, especially in rural areas,” said Dr. Grupas, of family and primary care physicians working in emergency medicine jobs. “I think family medicine brings a unique aspect to the emergency room, and I’m very grateful that I have a primary care background.”

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