China moves on from counterfeit iPhones and Louis Vuittons to fake ambulances

From Digital Trends:

According to reports in China’s Global Times newspaper, unauthorized ambulances in China are becoming increasingly common. The perpetrators’ intent is to scam medical victims for cold hard cash. Many of these black ambulances lack the appropriate medical tools to sustain a vulnerable patient’s health in between transport, and some of the workers inside the van aren’t technically licensed or trained. Scammed victims are also allegedly taken on longer routes to drive up mileage prices, or are transported to a poorly-equipped private clinic entirely. If additional services or on-board treatments were given during the ride, black ambulances will attempt to tack on extra fees.

Hospital Wants Cops With Tasers In ER

From 560WGAN:

St. Joseph’s Hospital in Bangor wants police officers on-duty in its emergency room to be armed with a Taser. 

“The Bangor Daily News” reports the hospital is willing to pay for the weapon, which can a subdue a person with an electric current.