Bellevue emergency room doctor says she had long-term relationship with Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy

From The Republic:

A Bellevue emergency room doctor says she had a long-term relationship with Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy, who resigned Saturday as news broke of his relationships with other women.

Sheehy, a Republican, resigned after questions were raised about improper cellphone calls to four women, none of which were his wife, during the past four years.

ED Innovation: The Best Apps and Gadgets of 2012

From Emergency Physicians Monthly:

Between the Olympics and the elections, 2012 brought us plenty of distracting media to consume. Fortunately for patients everywhere, many research labs and companies remained hard at work with the aim of solving problems facing emergency medicine. Here we summarize 12 of the most impressive – or at least provocative – innovations of the year. They are divided into broad categories based on the problem addressed. A hat tip to our friends over at Medgadget for working with us to curate this list.


Keeping Your (Patient) Cool
The next two developments aim to induce therapeutic hypothermia. The Welkins EMT/ICU Temperature Management System was approved by the FDA in August and consists of a battery-powered cooling helmet that keeps a patient’s core temperature between 30-37 degrees Celsius. The other innovation, created by researchers at Germany’s Hohenstein Institute, is more experimental. It consists of a life-vest with an embedded zeolite cartridge that extracts heat from water in the vest and thus cools the body without requiring any electricity. The researchers hope that this vest becomes a staple in any emergency response kit.