What Happens When You Get Alcohol Poisoning?

From Gizmodo:

First of all, “‘Alcohol poisoning’ is a layman’s term,” says Doctor L, our ER doc-friend who asked to remain anonymous due to her university affiliation. “Alcohol intoxication is a spectrum and there isn’t a specific threshold that one crosses and suddenly becomes ‘poisoned.'” Makes sense. After all, alcohol is a toxin and our body treats it as such, regardless of quantity. Even a single glass of champagne (or wine, or beer, or whatever) will result in some ‘poisoning,’ it just won’t be very severe for most people. On the other hand, some people have a very tiny threshold for alcohol, and even half a glass can send them running to the bathroom. Food intake, sleep, and a person’s physiology are just a few of the variables (you can read about that here).

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