ACEP continues to opt out of “Choose Wisely”; offers alternative strategy

From The Central Line:

After considerable debate, the ACEP Council voted this month to refrain from participation in the national “Choosing Wisely” campaign in large part due to the other efforts being taken by ACEP to achieve the same and even larger goals.

“Choosing Wisely” is part of a multi-year effort of the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Foundation to help physicians be better stewards of finite health care resources, according to its website. As part of the campaign, specialty organizations identify five tests or procedures commonly used in their field, the necessity of which should be questioned and discussed by patients and physicians.

ACEP had considered joining this campaign three distinct times since its launch in December 2011. Three different workgroups of various ACEP members, committees and Board members looked at the campaign and decided that while the concept is positive, the scope of listing tests, especially for emergency physicians, was too narrow.

Despite this extensive review by ACEP members, a resolution was submitted by the New York Chapter asking the ACEP Council to decide if ACEP should join the “Choosing Wisely” campaign.

The issue generated strong feeling on both sides and the majority of the Council ultimately decided to refrain from participation.

Trauma Medical Kits for deputies’ cars

From Wood TV: (Ed. The links to the kit and course are my best guesses, not links from the article)

Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard Fuller announced Tuesday his office has been awarded a $9,630 grant from the National Emergency Medicine Association to purchase fully equipped Tactical Trauma Law Enforcement Medical Kits for his deputies’ patrol vehicles.

The Tactical Kits are intended to equip officers with the implements needed to immediately treat life-threatening emergencies in the first few moments after a critical incident or when medical response is delayed into a scene for safety reasons.

In keeping with these efforts, Kalamazoo County has trained this month four patrol staff members to be instructors in Officer Down Response and Medical Assessment to enhance the officers’ response to critical emergency situations.

Cause of Death

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