“A ribbon and an AED at the end of marathons”

From MedPage Today:

The finish line in marathons should be marked by a ribbon and an automated external defibrillator (AED) since that is where the majority of sudden cardiac arrests occur, researchers found.

A total of 22 out of 30 sudden cardiac arrests in runners happened after mile 15, according to Keven M. DuPrey, DO, of Crozer-Keystone Health System in Springfield, Pa., and colleagues.

But 16 of them took place between mile 23 and the finish line, DuPrey reported here at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

“People Leave Hospitals Unhappy Because Doctors Are Mean”

From The Smithsonian:

Nearly everybody hates going to the hospital. Even when they leave healthy and healed. Why? (Aside from the fact that going to the hospital means that you did something that landed you in the hospital.) Well, it could be because doctors are often mean to their patients. At least that’s the theory Lucian Leape has come up with. He says that many patients leave the emergency room unhappy because they feel belittled or ignored. And they might feel this way because, well, they are.