Missouri EMS Closer to Implementing Successful Vehicle Tracking System

From JEMS:

After months of working through a series of roadblocks, representatives with the Callaway County Ambulance District and the Callaway County Sheriff’s Office say GeoComm is closer than ever to working out a solution to making the AVL (automated vehicle location) system work for their respective agencies.

Meningitis scare bringing people to emergency rooms

From ABC2News:

At Upper Chesapeake Medical Center in Bel air, more than 50 people have come into their emergency room after receiving notice from one of two Bel Air centers that they may have received a tainted steroid shot in their spine.

Doctors say they have performed an unprecedented 45 spinal taps over the past five days to test for the disease,.43 were negative and only two required further testing but have not been confirmed for the disease.