Moving Aurora Mass Casualty Response Video from ACEP Scientific Assembly



This Smartphone App Can (Mostly) Tell Your Pills Apart

From Gizmdodo:

Jesus Caban has developed image-analysis software that can work out the shape, colour and imprint of a pill from its image, reports New Scientist. It then compares those features to a database, and spits out an answer. At the moment, it achieves a slightly worrying 91 percent hit rate.

MedPAC Eyes ‘Preventable’ ED Visits and Initial Admissions

From MedPage Today:

A quarter of all initial hospital admissions and roughly 60% of all walk-up emergency department (ED) visits are potentially preventable, the nonpartisan Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) said Friday.

Those rates translate to roughly 94 admissions and 158 visits per 1,000 beneficiaries per year, staffers told commissioners on the second day of their 2-day meeting here. Heart failure was the most frequent reason for a preventable admission, and upper respiratory tract infection was the most frequent reason for a preventable ED visit.

Collaboration Will Be Key in Community Paramedic Success

From JEMS:

On Oct, 1 and 2, a National Consensus Conference on Community Paramedicine was held in Atlanta. Funded with a grant from Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), the meeting brought together leaders from across the U.S. who are piloting “community paramedic” programs and stakeholders representing professional associations, regulators, and other agencies engaged in improving quality and access while reducing costs.

The meeting drew together a collaborative group of prehospital healthcare leaders with deep belief in the potential of medics to fill a gap in the healthcare system. Much of the early work has focused on rural settings, but peer urban programs are emerging