Prehospital immobilization and restraint case

From the South Florida Times, with a hat tip to WhiteCoat:

Certain portions of a statement given by an emergency room nurse were omitted from the Broward Sheriff’s Office homicide report compiled in the 2001 hog-tying death of a Lauderdale Lakes businessman who died while in the care of first responders.

“The patient arrived to us, status post MPC rollover on his stomach, with no seat (sic) collar in place, no 0-2, no IV, no monitor, so when we got him, we immediately checked for a pulse and spontaneous respirations and we had none, so we intubated him and began CPR, the trauma physician inserted a thereral (ed: arterial?) line and went from chest tubes and a DPL (ed: Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage?),” Nurse Julie Teplicki told detectives.

Teplicki was the Trauma Room resuscitation nurse at Broward General Medical Center on Oct. 15, 2001, when Lauderdale Lakes businessman Oral Brown was transported to the emergency room.

He apparently suffered a seizure while driving and was involved in a single vehicle rollover accident. His SUV crashed through a fence at the Swap Shop Flea Market in Fort Lauderdale. He was hog-tied by first responders and was pronounced dead when he arrived at the emergency room.

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