Emergency Department Interventions to Reduce Patient Drinking

From HealthNewsDigest:

Researchers at Yale School of Medicine have developed and validated a new tool, the first of its kind, to measure how well emergency department physicians administer a brief intervention aimed at curtailing harmful drinking by patients.

The tool is a simple checklist that can assess whether physicians have been properly trained to implement such an intervention to give it the best chance of working. The study appears online in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment.

LETTER: Some suggestions for improving emergency rooms

From the Gaston Gazette:

We need to improve the time spent in waiting rooms in order to improve the health of children and families in our community. By designating areas specifically for pediatrics, adults, and behavioral health we can reduce the amount of germs patients come in contact with. We can also purchase black lights and use Glo Germ Gel to encourage good hygiene.