“The EHR – A Tool For Blocking Admissions”

From the always outstanding Emergency Medicine Literature of Note:

Essentially, the authors observed and interviewed residents and attendings in their use of the EHR, and identified its use in a function termed “chart biopsy” during the admission handoff process.  Inpatient teams were observed using the EHR to get a quick overview of the patient prior to the handoff, to provide the foundation for the history & physical, and – most entertainingly – to use as a weapon in negotiation and “blocking” potential admissions with ED physicians.

Family Sues Hospital After Man Dies in ER Lobby

From NBC Philadelphia: emphasis added.

A family is suing a Delaware hospital after they say hospital staff released a man who later died of a heart attack in the Emergency Room lobby.

The lawsuit claims Melvin Dillard Jr., 38, of Newark, was taken to Beebe Medical Center back on June 26 after suffering chest pains, according to Delaware Online. Delaware Online reports the EMS unit observed Dillard showed signs “consistent with an impending cardiac event,” according to the lawsuit. The suit also claims Dillard had an abnormal EKG.

According to the suit, the hospital staff told Dillard he could go home and to follow up with his cardiologist. Dillard went to the lobby to wait for a ride home. He later died of a heart attack sometime between the night of June 26 and the morning of June 27, according to Delaware Online. Dillard’s body was found in a lobby chair by hospital staff and was there for so long that rigor mortis had set in, according to Delaware Online. The lawsuit claims he was then rushed back into the Emergency Room where he was pronounced dead.