The OxyContin Promotional Video’s Patients and Physician: 14 Years Later

From MedPage Today:

The Purdue promotional video, made 14 years ago, showcased ordinary people who spoke glowingly of their experiences with OxyContin.

· Two of the seven patients died as active opioid abusers.

· A third became addicted, suffered greatly, and quit after realizing she was headed for an overdose.

· Three patients still say the drug helped them cope with their pain and improved their quality of life.

· A seventh patient declined to answer questions.

The doctor who not only played a starring role but also recruited his patients for the video now concedes some of his statements caught by the camera went too far.

Many Ways to Be Waylaid Between ED and Inpatient Bed

From ACEP News:

Boarding in the emergency department has been a growing problem over the last decade and may worsen – at least in the short term – with the fuller implementation of the Affordable Care Act, according to experts who are calling on emergency medicine leaders and hospital administrators to pursue proven remedies.

Better Care Delivered by iPad, M.D.

From Time:

Signs barring cell-phone use are a familiar sight to anyone who has ever sat in a hospital waiting room. But the growing popularity of electronic medical records has forced hospital-based doctors to become dependent on computers throughout the day, and desktops — which keep doctors from bedsides — are fast giving way to wireless devices.