Excellence in Stroke Care: Improving Care in Community Hospitals

From H&HN:

Advances in the treatment and prevention of stroke have yielded significant results in recent years. In 2008, stroke became the fourth leading cause of death in the United States, down from the third leading cause of death, a position it held for decades. A number of factors are at play, including clinical advancements, increased awareness and increased adherence to evidenced-based care. Yet challenges remain in providing timely equitable and effective care.

To discuss best practices in stroke care within community hospitals, Health Forum convened a panel of industry experts Nov. 16 in Chicago for a roundtable discussion. Health Forum would like to thank all of the participants for their open and candid discussion, as well as Genentech for sponsoring this event.

“Beware of Summer” – A Statistical Snapshot of Healthcare

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From the EmCrit Blog:

I recently came across two articles pertaining to the peri-intubation; one made me very happy (b/c it reinforces my prejudices) and the other made me quite upset (b/c it reinforces my prejudices).

CT for chest pain in ER gets patients home sooner

From the LA Times:

For patients who visit an emergency room with chest pains, but who don’t have an abnormal EKG or elevated troponin levels, a CT scan can send them home earlier than conventional diagnostic procedures, doctors reported Wednesday. The patients are exposed to higher levels of radiation and the cost is slightly higher, but those effects are offset somewhat by the increased peace of mind associated with leaving the hospital sooner, the team reported in the New England Journal of Medicine.

ER drama: Accused drug dealer assaults cops in hospital and fight for officer’s nightstick ensues

From NJ:

A tragedy was averted when Jersey City police won a struggle after an accused drug dealer yanked an officer’s expandable nightstick from the officer’s belt in the emergency room of the Jersey City Medical Center, authorities said.

Authorities said that Derrick Beverly, 37, of Jersey City, attacked two police officers while he was being arrested on drug charges Tuesday morning, but his rampage against police was far from over. At the hospital a short time later, JCMC personnel asked that Beverly be released from his handcuffs “that he could sign paperwork and use the bathroom,” police said.

When he came out of the bathroom Beverly attacked two other officers, pulling one’s shirt over his head and grabbing his expandable nightstick, police said. The second officer in the ER grabbed Beverly’s hand and the nightstick fell to the floor as Berverly scuffled with the police.