Workplace violence in the ED

From PilotOnline:

For medical tech Charles Hartelius, an emergency room incident ended in a broken nose and ankle, a couple of surgeries, and questions about whether he’ll ever walk normally again.

For Joan Mahon, a weekend shift as a psychiatric nurse left teeth marks on her arm and the loss of her job.

And for Terry Wallace, putting a monitor on a patient’s chest left her with a court case and a surgery eight months later to repair damage to her nose.

Hospitals are thought of as safe havens, but what happens when patients turn on the people who are trying to help them?

ER group says it was rebuffed in new negotiations

From the News Virginian:

The president of the emergency room group at Augusta Health said Thursday that he had unsuccessfully attempted to restart negotiations with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield on a new contract.

The current agreement expires May 1. If no new contract is reached, Anthem subscribers would face paying the difference between what Anthem reimburses them and what the Augusta ER physicians charge.

Dr. Scott Just, president of Shenandoah Emergency Medicine Specialists, said he attempted to bring Anthem back to the table.

But Just said he was told, “they had no desire to negotiate.” Just said Anthem told him “they have given their final offer.”