The Future of CPR

From EmCrit:

I got to interview two cutting edge researchers on what CPR will look like in the next decade; their answers were fascinating. Note: None of this is ready for clinical use–this may be the future, it is not the present

Flow-Enhanced CPR

They discuss the use of the impedance threshold device and the active-compression/decompression device to augment flow during CPR. See the results of the ResQ trial listed below to see what this does in cardiac arrest patients.

Reperfusion Injury Protection

Stutter CPR is giving 3 cycles of 20 seconds of compressions/ventilations, 20 seconds of pause. In pigs, this has markedly reduced the reperfusion injury when resuscitating a patient with prolonged arrest.

New Medications

Sodium nitroprusside (in addition to small doses of epi and flow-enhanced CPR) increases flow to the heart and the brain. May also blunt reperfusion injury to heart and brain. In addition adenosine and cyclosporine A may have a role as well.

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