Simulation Drives Innovation in Teaching, Learning, and Clinical Practice

From Emergency Medicine News (hat tip: Dr. Menadue):

The university’s emergency medicine residency faculty was asked to supplement the students’ experience with a unique docent program where students would enhance their history-taking, physical examination, and critical decision-making skills via original patient scenarios and case presentations. The number of students rotating through the ED had grown so large that it was no longer feasible to provide the activity there; it was time to integrate more sophisticated education via the simulation center.

The students’ experience grew richer as they practiced basic airway management, splinting, intraosseous infusion, suturing, needle decompression, and spine immobilization using the anatomical models and the simulators. The PA and medical students were then taken to a simulator to work through a clinical presentation in tandem with these labs. While these simulators came with prepackaged case presentations that were programmed into the computer system, the faculty created its own scenarios more geared to the nuances of emergency medicine and the myriad factors that can complicate any patient encounter.

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