“ER isn’t place to fight (the) meth war”

From the Commercial Appeal:

But there is one cost of meth that we must be careful not to incur. That’s the price of trying to bring our disgust and outrage into hospital emergency rooms.

For all the damage done by meth addiction, we simply cannot ask our hospitals to be the judge and jury when it comes to treating patients — meth addicts or otherwise.

”It’s not a judgment call we can make,” explained Angie Herron, The Med’s director of communications and marketing. ”If you are someone who needs emergency care, every emergency room of every hospital in this country will take you, whatever the situation that led you to need health care.”

Wisconsin Health Information Exchange helps Emergency Physicians access patient information quickly

From JSOnline:

The Wisconsin Health Information Exchange has set out to build a network that eventually would give doctors and other health care providers in southeastern Wisconsin quick access to a patient’s basic medical history.

The exchange, started in 2008, is still in its earliest stages. But as more information is added each year, it will help doctors such as Decker make better decisions.

“That’s what the exchange really is about – providing more information to inform decision-making,” said Kim Pemble, executive director of the Wisconsin Health Information Exchange.

For now, the exchange provides only limited information, such as recent emergency department visits, on some patients. But even that limited information is useful.