From Asbury Park Press:

As the ranks of psychiatrists dwindle, hospitals statewide are turning to telepsychiatry to screen emergency room patients during off-hours — weekday nights and weekends.

Not because they want to, they say, but because it is the only way to get the job done.

Of the 21 state-designated mental health screening centers in New Jersey — one in each county — 10 use telepsych services now, according to the state Department of Human Services.

Comments on the “Critical Issues in the Prescribing of Opioids for Adult Patients in the Emergency Department” draft policy are being sought by ACEP Opioid Guideline Panel

From ACEP:

The draft clinical policy related to the prescribing of opioids is in the expert review stage of ACEP clinical policy development. Comments on the draft are being sought by the ACEP Opioid Guideline Panel. Please focus your comments on the clinical content of the document, and not copyediting. Document your comments in the format requested, making note of additional evidence as appropriate. All comments will be carefully reviewed by the Panel, and used to further refine and enhance the draft when evidence supports the changes. Individual reviewer names will not be used in the final document. Comments do not imply endorsement of the document and will be stated as such in the final document. For questions, please contact Rhonda Whitson, RHIA, at

Illinois man unaware he had 3.5 inch nail lodged in brain for 36 hours

From Fox News:

An Illinois man was completely unaware that he accidentally shot a 3.5 inch nail into the center of his brain, and carried on as normal for almost two days before going to the hospital.

Dante Autullo, from Orland Park, Ill., shot himself in the head with a nail gun Tuesday morning but as he only suffered a small cut, he assumed the nail had missed and went out to plow some snow, the Naperville Sun reported.

But after work Wednesday, the 32 year old felt nauseous after a nap and went to the Palos Community Hospital, Orland Park, for a checkup.