Door-to-Doc: Better Patient Flow in the ED

From H&HN Daily:

The D2D model is a paradigm shift in providing care in the ED, creating an opportunity to provide safe, excellent patient care more quickly and at reduced costs. The process drives D2D times to their theoretically lowest limits. The D2D model is a best-practice solution to improve patient satisfaction, reduce risk, and improve patient care quality and safety, thereby providing for better financials and competitive growth in the marketplace.

Woman and her son accused of stealing credit cards from ER doctor

From WFTV:

A mother and son are both in jail, accused of stealing an emergency room doctor’s credit cards and using them all over central Florida.

Gaya Gilchrist was arrested on Tuesday and charged with theft. Investigators said she stole personal items, including credit cards from a doctor at Central Florida Regional Hospital in Sanford.