Bill to Protect Good Samaritan Use of AEDs

From JEMS:

In an effort to improve rates of bystander intervention and encourage businesses to develop emergency medical response plans that include AED placement, Rep. Pete Olson (R-TX) has introduced and Rep. Gerry Connolley (D-VA) has co-sponsored HR 3511, the Cardiac Arrest Survival Act of 2011. The bill would amend the Public Health Service Act to provide liability protection to users and acquirers of AEDs. If passed, the legislation would provide a nationally uniform baseline of protection from civil liability and preempt the patchwork of state laws regarding liability protection.

Drunk driver arrested after ‘trying to take deer he hit with car to the emergency room’

From the Daily Mail:

A driver under the influence of alcohol was charged after being stopped by police taking a deer that he had struck with his car to the nearby hospital.

Andrew Caswell, 29, hit the wild animal in the early hours of Monday, according to police.

Caswell and three companions argued over what to do with it before he decided the deer needed to go to the emergency room of a hospital in Greece, New York.

Are ER waiting times on billboards accurate?

From the Miami Herald:

It’s hard to miss them as you drive down Interstate 95: billboards announcing your friendly emergency room has a wait time of 10 minutes, or seven, or some such low number. If you suddenly feel a terrible chest pain, the signs seem to imply, you can drive right there and know you will be treated promptly.

Or can you?

The head of Florida’s Florida Agency Health Care Administration, Elizabeth Dudek, says she knows of no studies testing the promised wait times, perhaps because this type of advertising is fairly new. She adds that state regulators have received no complaints about ER billboard promises.

Crash / Hypothermic Cardiac Arrest Survivor Gets Job In Same ER That Saved Her Life

From WUSA9:

Davis was unconscious and trapped in a car that was slowly filling with freezing water.

“They say that I was underwater for about ten-minutes before they found me,” said Davis, who was then rushed to Southern Maryland Hospital.

“She came in as a cardiac arrest, her heart had stopped,”said Dr. Vipul Kella, Vice Chairman of the Emergency Department at Southern Maryland Hospital.

“She had a pulse, but was unresponsive,” said Dr. Anil Mahajan, the emergency physician at Southern Maryland Hospital who tried to save Davis on October 24, 2009. “She was very close to dying, very close.”

Two years later, Davis is back in the Southern Maryland Hospital Emergency Room. Only this time, she’s not a patient. She’s a chart manager working side-by-side with the doctors who saved her life.