Assault of ED Nurse Yields Sentence to Anger Management Training

From the Lufkin Daily News:

A Lufkin teen must take anger management as part of her punishment for hitting an emergency room nurse in February.

Amber Michelle Branum, 19, pleaded guilty this week to the charge of assaulting emergency personnel, according to court records.

She was sentenced to five years deferred adjudication in addition to a $500 fine, anger management classes and alcohol and substance abuse counseling. At the end of the five-year term, Branum’s record will not reflect a conviction if she complies with the court’s orders.

On Feb. 13, Branum’s family reportedly called 911 because the woman was reportedly drunk and being aggressive toward them. Branum was picked up by Lufkin Fire EMS, who then took her to a local hospital, where the assault took place. The nurse suffered minor injuries to her cheek and throat, according to a previous report.