Dozens sickened by carbon monoxide at hockey game

From All News Network:

According to hospital officials early Monday, 54 people suffered carbon monoxide poisoning while attending a youth hockey tournament in western Colorado.

clearpxlNumerous adults, teenagers and children were treated for varying degrees of carbon monoxide poisoning Sunday after the tournament in Gunnison.

How to spot a gang member


One rule of emergency room etiquette in treating an injured motorcycle gang member is if their clothing needs to be cut, to let a fellow biker do the cutting.

“Their colors are very sacred,” he said. “Don’t touch them.

Risk of Medical Errors by ED Doctors Linked to Interruptions

From HealthLeaders Media:

Emergency department physicians are badgered by interruptions, many of which cause them to change tasks, leave tasks unfinished, and predispose them to making medical errors.

In a normal two-hour period, an academic emergency room physician may treat as many as 16 patients at the same time, but interact with as many as 132 individuals. In a community hospital setting, emergency room doctors treat as many as 12 patients simultaneously, and interacted with as many as 101.