AMR to switch all ambulance stretchers to powered lift within three years

From American Medical Response:

In an effort to further improve patient care and reduce lifting injuries, American Medical Response (AMR) has started a nationwide initiative to replace its manual stretchers with state-of-the-art Stryker-PRO XT powered stretchers in every community it serves.

Current plans call for completion of implementation at all AMR operations within three years or sooner.

Ambulance Service Embraces the iPad

From Life in the Fast Lane:

Today working at triage there was a buzz about our paramedics, with there service announcing that from next year  it will be rolling out iPads to all on road paramedics and transport officers to use as a patient care record system. St John Ambulance has already started trialling the iPad tablet, and plans to provide its 850 on-road staff with their own personal issues iPad for use next year. The iPad has the services purpose built patient care record system, and allows a new way of communication for paramedics on-road to communicate with there service and other parts of the health system.