Premature Announcement of Fatal Crash – Patient Survives

From WTOV9:

STEUBENVILLE, Ohio — Soon after police publicly announced a 20-year-old woman had died at the scene of a serious crash, medical crews determined the young woman was still alive.

Emergency crews said Green was dead, and Steubenville Police Chief Bill McCafferty said he called Green’s hometown police department near Scranton, Pa., but no officers were working in the two-man police department. So, McCafferty tracked down her parish priest to notify Green’s family of her death.

Butt, minutes later, police learned Green was revived and alive at a local hospital. McCafferty said he immediately called Green’s father and to tell him about the crash and his daughter’s condition before the priest arrived at the family’s home.

The Consortium on Intraosseous Vascular Access for Emergent and Nonemergent Situations in Various Healthcare Settings

From JEMS:

…recommends that IO be considered as an alternative to peripheral or central IV access in the intensive care unit, high-acuity/progressive care floors, general medical floor and chronic care and long-term care settings.