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From Life in the Fast Lane:

But NO, before you leap for your ear-plugs, we haven’t decided to inflict our strange mix of Austra-NZ-ish accents on the global stage…instead we have plumped for the safer (and kinder) option of collating the very best of the free-to-air Emergency Medicine and Critical Care podcasts and video presentations from around the blogosphere.

Our sources for the collaborative database are listed on our online podcast database page. This is chock full of our favoured podcasts which are succinct, informative, message driven, full of pearls of wisdom (as well as the occasional rant) and emphasise adjunctive and iterative learning.

NY pilot expands organ recovery to at-home deaths

From the Associated Press:

Families choosing whether to donate a loved one’s organs usually have days to grapple with their decision, all while the patient lies hooked up to machines in a hospital bed.

But they would have only about 20 minutes to make the choice in a new pilot program meant to recover organs from patients who die at home.

That’s roughly how long a team of organ specialists will have after a cardiac-arrest patient is declared dead to arrive at the home, check a donor registry, determine medical eligibility, obtain a family member’s consent and get the person into a specialized ambulance.

National Resident Matching Program Statistics

22427 total ACGME R1 residency slots for 2009

15600 US MD 2010 grads applied via NRMP
About 1500 US MD prior grads applied via NRMP About 2100 US DO grads applying used NRMP

Total NRMP applications in 2009 = 36500. That leaves 17,000+ IMGs applying to US residencies.

7000 applicants withdrew or did not file a rank list. 30000 stayed in and matched to 21340 spots. Only 1100 spots did not fill (225 FM).

Matched were 4700 IMGs and 14600 MD USGs and 1400 DO USGs and 500 USG prior grads.
So 4700/18000 is the match ratio for IMGs 14500/15600 is the USG MD ratio.

2009 Scramble was 1000 MD USGs and over 10,000 IMGs vying for 1100 unfilled spots.

Family Medicine had about 3200 R1 slots in 2010. About 800 applicants were signed outside (before) NRMP. Of 2400 FM R1 Slots in NRMP, 1180 went to USG MDs. In 2010 fewer than 200 slots were unfilled.