EM Physician Injured While Driving to Work

From Lex18:

An emergency room doctor finds himself needing help after his car goes off the road into a creek.

The crash happened off Thistle Way in Scott County just before five o’clock Saturday. Neighbors say Dr. Mike Chestnut was on his way to the emergency room to go to work. But after his car plunged into a creek, he ended up there not as a doctor, but as a patient.

“The car was up on those rocks right there,” said Greg Metcalfe, a witness.

The driver, Dr. Mike Chestnut, was hurt, but able to tell first responders he thought he had been there for hours. But police say Chestnut may have been disoriented. They believe he had only been there for a few minutes.

“Overstating the oxycodone problem”

From the North County Times:

For nearly two years, the county’s top leaders —- the sheriff, the district attorney, supervisors —- have declared abuse of the prescription painkiller oxycodone, or OxyContin, to be an “epidemic” among high school students and people in their 20s.

They formed a regional task force and warned of widespread oxycodone abuse, addiction and death among young people, particularly those in the more affluent areas of North County.

Data collected from 2006 to 2009 suggest official statements about the extent of the problem and its reach among people under 25 have been overstated and, in some cases, misleading.

Young people, it turns out, are not the primary users and victims of the drug; middle-aged people are.