Is the scene safe? Well rescue goes tragically awry…

From Fox 59:

The 911 caller is talking to dispatcher and Eric Dalton, a 40 year-old experienced plumber from Anderson who was using muriatic acid to loosen up pipe fittings.

Caller: “He is not breathing well. Get somebody to come here quick I have got two of them of them down there. They just passed out.”

Two volunteer firefighters from Liberty Township climbed into the pit also, but both Brian Buck and Rick Compton Sr. also collapsed from the fumes. All four were left slumped on top of each other in a dark pit.

Maryland Firefighter Delivers Baby in Station Lot

From JEMS:

A Montgomery County mother says she knew she wouldn’t make it to the hospital to give birth, so she had the baby in a fire station parking lot.

Erin and Christian Presley’s son was due on Monday, but then he couldn’t wait any longer. On the way to Shady Grove Adventist Hospital on Thursday, Erin Presley says she knew she had to push, so they pulled over into the Gaithersburg Volunteer Fire Department at 3 a.m.

Christian Presley says he rang the doorbell, but no one answered, and then he called 911. Firefighter Michael Skidmore woke up and helped deliver the infant in the parking lot.