ED staff erroneously assumed to obey administrators

From the Washington Post:

Ed. Sadly, not an Onion post.

A New York City woman pretended to be a hospital administrator, called an emergency room and tried to get hospital staff to take the baby of her husband’s mistress off life support, prosecutors said Thursday.

Need to find an AED? There’s an app for that.

From Medgadget:

First Aid Corps, an organization working on helping the public respond to sudden cardiac arrests, has unveiled an iPhone app that can pinpoint the location of the closest automatic external defibrillator (AED) within seconds.

Currently the database is just beginning to fill up but First Aid Corps has partnered with The Extraordinaries, a volunteer organization, to have people locate and photograph AED’s in their community.

The app is free and you can download it and get started mapping AED’s and maybe help save someone’s life.