Cameras Standard on Kentucky Ambulances

From JEMS:

Among the electronic gear aboard a new Covington Fire Department ambulance are cameras.

One records activity inside the patient area of the $257,000 ambulance and the other is outside and allows the driver to see what’s behind him. The vehicle was put into service last month.

The Kentucky Enquirer reports the recorder keeps up to 160 hours of footage shot inside the vehicle.

“Quick, Dogma Devastor, run for help” exclaimed the Mythbuster.

From the EM-Blog:

We left the Mythbuster confronted by the evil Dr. Fish the urologist in the Saint -We Never Change Anything in Years hospital. The Mythbuster doesn’t lose a step in dealing with a threatening urologist armed with a 100 french cathether.

Whose faith should rule in the ER, yours or the medical staff’s?

From USA Today:

In a hospital emergency room, whose religious freedom matters trumps someone else’s beliefs?

In the final ugly hours before the critical vote for the late health reform champion Ted Kennedy’s U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts, accusations are flying. One of the newest comes from a conservative Catholic group that wants to see a Republican take the slot and, not coincidently, knock out the Democrats’ filibuster-proof advantage in the Senate.