Everyday Health’s virtual doc dispenses compliance advice

From Medical Marketing & Media:

Everyday Health is launching a condition-based “virtual doctor” feature for patients with chronic conditions that emphasizes compliance.

The widget, featuring emergency physician, teacher and author Stephen Schueler, MD, goes live in February with the name “One on one with Dr. S.” Everyday Health has lined up four top-10 pharma sponsors for modules in five categories, including Crohn’s disease, heart disease, bipolar disorder, asthma and depression (Everyday Health declined to name sponsors). More conditions could be added in the future.

Dr. Schueler, also starring in a non-condition based checker the site launched in October, appears in swatches of video as a sort of medical Max Headroom, asking the patient questions to establish key indicators (“Are your symptoms getting worse? Do you have new or worsening joint or eye pains? Do you know the foods that can trigger your symptoms? Do you keep a food diary?”) and reinforce the importance of compliance with treatment regimens (“Are you taking your medications as directed?”).

“We wanted to make it as lifelike as possible, to be more real time and capture the dynamic of the physician’s office,” said Dr. Schueler.

After answering a battery of questions, users get a recommendation on what type of doctor they should see and how quickly, along with a list of recommendations and observations they can print out and take in with them.

ED Care in Tuscany

From the Globe & Mail (Globe Travel):

‘Vespa! Vespa!”

I’m panting and pointing furiously at my hugely swollen forearm, hoping the sexy and impossibly young-looking dottoressa will glean that I’m talking about a wasp, not a motor scooter.

In her silver stilettos, plunge-neck T-shirt and skinny jeans, the thirtyish emergency-room doctor is better dressed for riding Italy’s favourite look-at-me transport than for assessing the lethal potential of the wasp sting suffered by an anxiously out-of-breath inglese .