‘Invisible bracelet’ for emergency health alerts?

From Google / AP:

WASHINGTON — Emergency health alerts for the Facebook generation? The nation’s ambulance crews are pushing a virtual medical ID system to rapidly learn a patient’s health history during a crisis — and which can immediately text-message loved ones that the person is headed for a hospital.

The Web-based registry, invisibleBracelet.org, started in Oklahoma and got a boost this fall when the state’s government made the program an optional health benefit for its own employees.

Now the Invisible Bracelet attempts to go nationwide as the American Ambulance Association next month begins training its medics, who in turn will urge people in their communities to sign up.

For $5 a year, basic health information and up to 10 emergency contacts are stored under a computer-assigned PIN number that’s kept on a wallet card with your driver’s license, a key fob or a sticker on an insurance card.

ED Physician Accused Of Stealing Rolex In Trouble Again…

From News10:

STOCKTON, CA – A doctor accused of stealing the watch of a dying patient at a Stockton hospital was jailed Friday for failing to appear in court over a pair of southern California traffic tickets, according to a published report.

A San Joaquin County Superior Court judge ordered Cleveland Enmon be taken into custody during a court appearance Friday, the Stockton Record reported.

According to the paper, San Joaquin County Superior Court Judge William Murray Jr. said he had no choice but to have Enmon arrested after warrants were issued for failing to appear in court on traffic tickets from El Segundo in Los Angeles County alleging Enmon was driving without a license.