Nurse finds hero among emergency room’s patients

From the Shenandoah News Leader:

I have the privilege and honor to be a nurse at Augusta Health Emergency Department. We care for many types of people … none more amazing than one Good Samaritan I met in the triage area on a busy weekend shift. He arrived by ambulance with a meek demeanor, not wanting to bother anyone with his ailments, quietly sitting in his chair to wait his turn. I turned and caught his image as he held his painful hands patiently waiting for some assistance. I was instantly moved to tears as he told his story. He was driving on I-64 and saw a car in front of him on fire and knew he had to stop. With seemingly no thought of his own risk of injury, he pulled over, got out and ran to the aid of the driver, who was himself on fire. With his hands, this kind gentle man pulled the burning driver through the window, sustaining burns to his own hands in the process. As I cared for this kind gentleman, I told him how he had affected all of the folks who cared for him that night. I asked if I could give him a hug. He allowed me to do so. As I wiped away the tears, I asked if he would mind if I used his name in a letter to the editor, and he granted me that permission.

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