Doctors’ Bedside Skills Trump Medical Technology

From Science Daily:

Sometimes, a simple bedside exam performed by a skilled physician is superior to a high-tech CT scan, a Loyola University Health System study has found.

Researchers found that physicians’ bedside exams did a better job than CT scans in predicting which patients would need to return to the operating room to treat complications such as bleeding.

“The low cost, simple, but elegant neurological exam appears to be superior to a routine CT scan in determining return to the operating room,” researchers report in the Journal of Neurosurgery.

No decision released on Ill. med-mal law

From Modern Healthcare:

Although it was scheduled to do so, the Illinois Supreme Court did not release its decision this morning on a case that could overturn the state’s 2005 malpractice reform law that capped noneconomic damage awards at $500,000 for doctors and $1 million for hospitals. It did not give a reason for the delay and it’s not known when the decision will be issued.

The court is debating the constitutionality of the caps as part of a consolidated case known as LeBron v. Gottlieb Memorial Hospital; Alexander v. Nacopoulos et al.; and Zago v. Resurrection Medical Center, et al. The Illinois State Medical Society and the American Medical Association filed a joint amicus brief that argued the decision of a lower court, which overturned the law and called it unconstitutional, should be reversed.

The brief stated that the Illinois Legislature crafted a rational solution to the state’s problem of doctors leaving the state to practice in states where medical liability rates were lower. They also said that limiting noneconomic damages was an effective way to do this and did not impede on the judicial system’s authority to decide specific cases.