Baby born on sidewalk feet away from hospital entrance

From WEAU:

Early Sunday morning, mom Tiffanie Kohls says her little baby Kellen just wasn’t going to wait.

“He was on his way, there was no stopping it, so I got down on the sidewalk and I just couldn’t go any further,” says Kohls.

After only two hours in hard labor, and a long car-ride from Stanley, Kohls says she couldn’t hold out anymore as she and her mom pulled up in front of the Sacred Heart Hospital Emergency Room in Eau Claire.

“My mom ran in and got the security guards and got a wheel chair and I said, ‘There’s no way I’ll make it into that, he’s coming now!’” says Kohls.

Before nurses could race down from the maternity ward, Kellen came into the world: Healthy, but a little cold.

Unnecessary tests: What your health-care tax dollars are paying for

From the Chicago Tribune (opinion piece by an EM Resident)

I am a doctor in the last year of my residency at a community hospital in northern California, and as President Barack Obama detailed his health care plan before Congress in September, I was waiting for the results of a CT scan (also called a CAT scan) of a patient’s abdomen and pelvis. I actually knew what the results were going to be. In fact, it was a completely unnecessary test and I knew it — and that it would cost around $2,000.

Comparison between Prehospital Intubation and Mortality Is Controversial

From JEMS:

In this prospective study, the researchers attempt to determine a correlation between hospital mortality and prehospital intubation, and any other risk factors associated with it. Data was collected on trauma patients who were treated at Ryder Trauma Center in Miami from August 2003 to June 2006 — a total of 1,320 emergency airway interventions were performed by an anesthesiologist. Of these, 203 had initially been intubated in the field by EMS personnel.