Interesting Press Release


Longer wait times possible for non-urgent cases

SAULT STE. MARIE – (August 21) – Due to anticipated shortages in emergency department (ED) physician availability, patients with non-urgent or less urgent concerns may experience longer than normal wait times for treatment on Saturday, August 22.

We apologize for any delays and will endeavour to see patients as quickly as possible while continuing to deliver safe, quality care.

We will continue in our efforts to secure additional staffing in the meantime.

Patients presenting to the ED with urgent conditions will continue to be seen on a priority basis within normal timelines.

Study: Immigration judge as stressed out as emergency room doctors, prison wardens

From Mercury News:

In a study released this summer by University of California-San Francisco researchers, immigration judges, it turns out, are as stressed out and burned out as emergency room doctors and prison wardens. And the study found female immigration judges far more stressed than their male counterparts.

AHA seeks revisions to proposed Medicare cost report

From Modern Healthcare:

The American Hospital Association is urging the CMS to include additional changes to a proposed new Medicare hospital cost report, according to a 10-page letter sent to the agency.

The letter is in response to a proposed rule filed by the CMS on July 2 that would revise the annual Medicare cost report that hospitals must submit to the agency. It is the first time the cost report will have been substantially changed since 1996 and the new form will apply to cost reporting periods beginning in February 2010.

Among the concerns the AHA expressed in the letter are that certain data required would be “virtually impossible” for hospitals to provide. For example, the CMS’ proposed new method of calculating charity care is different from data required for the Internal Revenue Service Form 990 Schedule H. The AHA is also recommending the agency create a new worksheet to capture all data elements of disproportionate-share funding.