University of Chicago in trouble again

From MedPage Today:

WhiteCoat has a reasonable rundown on the events surrounding last month’s death in the waiting room at University of Chicago Medical Center — as well as a satisfying but spurious idea of how UCMC should respond.   The news is that now CMS is looking into this as an EMTALA violation, which, based on the facts as presented, it almost certainly is.   The headline is that Medicare could pull its certification of the hospital, which is technically accurate, but terribly unlikely.

UCMC is in trouble.   There’s no mistaking that fact.   They’re being crucified in the media over their ER, and with good cause — their ER is a nightmare, even for an inner-city academic center.   It seems to be a self-inflicted problem caused primarily by bad senior management — not of the ER, but of the facility.

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