More on Disaffected Docs

From the Wall Street Journal Health Blog:

Doctors sure seem unhappy these days. Just take a look at the downbeat results from a survey out from the Physicians’ Foundation.

Here are some of the bracing findings from 11,950 primary care docs and specialists who responded to the survey:

94% said the time they’ve devote to non-clinical paperwork in the past three years has increased. 63% said the paperwork has meant they spend less time per patient.

82% said their practices would be “unsustainable” if proposed Medicare pay cuts were made.

78% believe there is a shortage of primary care docs in the U.S.

49% said that over the next three years they plan to reduce the number of patients they see or stop practicing entirely.

Half of primary care doctors want to quit

From the Kevin MD:

Today comes a study that reveals that 49 percent of primary care doctors surveyed would consider leaving medicine, with many saying “they are overwhelmed with their practices, not because they have too many patients, but because there’s too much red tape generated from insurance companies and government agencies.”

Furthermore, medical students are not replacing those who leave, with the wide disparity in salary and lifestyle resonating with prospective doctors.