Marines’ Motorcycles Deadlier Than Iraq

From AOL News:

Motorcycle accidents have killed more Marines in the past 12 months than enemy fire in Iraq, a rate that’s so alarming it has prompted top brass to call a meeting to address the issue, officials say.
Twenty-five Marines have died in motorcycle crashes since last November — all but one of them involving sport bikes that can reach speeds of well over 100 mph, according to Marine officials. In that same period, 20 Marines have been killed in action in Iraq.

Should Patients Be Allowed to Direct Their Own Care?

From Citizen Economists:

Some people have suggested that one way to prevent the wasteful costs of healthcare is to have a menu of treatment options, with their costs, that is presented to the patient. For example, when you are admitted to the hospital as an inpatient, the physician typically orders tons of tests, medications, and nursing orders. Most often you will likely have an intravenous fluid running, be on a stool softener, multivitamins, pain medications, daily blood work, etc. But all of these treatments and medications have a cost.