Cricothyroidotomy Device

From Medgadget:

Here’s an interesting product we haven’t seen before. The Complete Rapid Illuminated Cricothyrotomy (CRIC) Kit is the latest life-saving medical product from Canadian company Pyng Medical, the developers of FAST1® Intraosseous Infusion System, that we profiled yesterday. Although FDA approval is pending, the new CRIC Kit is expected to provide significant improvements in speed, efficacy and safety to the life-saving medical procedure of cricothyrotomy.

The CRIC Kit is being developed with support from the US Department of Defense (DOD) for the purpose of equipping US military medics and physicians. Currently, cricothyrotomy requires the use of at least three distinct medical instruments: scalpel, retractor, insertion tube, and in many cases, a light source. This can be difficult enough to manage in a modern ER, not to mention the extreme conditions that exist on the battlefield, where an obstructed airway is the second leading cause of death (after exsanguination).

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