Average ER waiting time nears 1 hour, CDC says

From the Washington Post:

The average time that hospital emergency rooms patients wait to see a doctor has grown from about 38 minutes to almost an hour over the past decade, according to new federal statistics released Wednesday.

The increase is due to supply and demand, said Dr. Stephen Pitts, the lead author of the report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“There are more people arriving at the ERs. And there are fewer ERs,” said Pitts, an associate professor of emergency medicine at Atlanta’s Emory University.

One Response

  1. No mention of a politically incorrect substantial reason of delays in emergency rooms. How about all the illegals and others who know they will get free health care when they show up at an ER?
    I had a restaurant where I offered all employees health insurance, but required them to pay a small part, less than $10 per week. Several of them refused this great deal on health insurance as they said the few times they would need a doctor they would go to the ER and get treated free (even though they lost a day’s pay doing it). On the few visits to the ER I have had to make, my observation is that the majority of people there should be going to a clinic to get a strep test, an antibiotic, or other similar treatment, but wait – they may have to pay for it!!!!

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