"Bogus doctor trapped by misspelt letter to court after speeding let-off"

From the London Times

A bogus doctor who escaped a speeding fine by claiming he was on an emergency call was rumbled only after writing a badly spelt letter in an attempt to claim expenses for attending court.

Omid Chiang equipped his car with a flashing green light, a defibrillator and a “doctor-on-call” sign so he could break the speed limit at will and park anywhere he fancied.

New Oral Airway

BusinessWeek reported on the device, as it recently won a design award.
Interesting name…


The Tongue Sucker is an oropharyngeal airway device specifically developed to be used by untrained persons on unconscious casualties. Located in first aid boxes, it is designed to prevent the obstruction of the oropharynx, or throat, by the tongue and may also assist in compression only cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Cutting docs’ hours doesn’t reduce death rates

From MSNBC (emphasis added)

Cutting the grueling work hours of doctors-in-training had little effect on reducing patient deaths, according to two large studies.

Death rates dropped in one group of patients in veterans’ hospitals but not in three other groups, the researchers reported.

The results come from what the authors describe as the largest and most comprehensive national look at work-hour restrictions, which were implemented four years ago in an effort to reduce medical errors by tired physicians.

For the groups with no change, Volpp said one possible explanation is that more patient handoffs by residents offset the benefits of reduced fatigue. He also noted the work-hour limits may not be strictly enforced at every hospital.