Norms for Staff of UWMC Emergency Department

Norms for Staff of UWMC Emergency Department

1. Remember the patient is the reason we are here
2. Treat the patient and their families with dignity and care for them with compassion
3. Maintain patient confidentiality at all times; keep your voice down and discuss patients only in private areas
4. Wear your name tag and introduce yourself to patients and their families
5. Maintain your professionalism by avoiding personal conversations and laughter which can be overheard by patients and their families
6. Participate as a team member in the care of patients in the department. Treat all members of the team with respect
7. Show pride in our department by helping to maintain it in a clean and presentable manner, for patients, families and staff
8. Be aware that far more is communicated by tone (43%), body language (50%), than by words (7%)
9. Address disagreements with other staff members directly, in private, and at the appropriate time
10. Be flexible

1. Say “it’s not my job”
2. Ask someone to do something you could easily do yourself
3. Shoot the messenger
If norms are broken:
1. Adress the behavior directly in a private place
2. Respect the person
3. Use “I” statements when expressing your concerns

If broken norms persist:
1. Re-address the behavior
2. Document behavior
3. Involve your “chain of command”

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