Small hospitals’ finances improved in 2005

From Modern Physician:

Median financial ratios for small, not-for-profit hospitals improved in the past year, buoyed by a favorable operating environment and higher reimbursements from insurers and the federal government, according to Standard & Poor’s. S&P said rating trends were “generally stable” in 2004 and 2005 for small hospitals — those with net patient revenue of $75 million or less. Overall, improved medians were most evident at higher-rated hospitals, S&P said. Small hospitals rated A+ to A- had a median profit margin of 6.6% and median operating margins of 4.7% in 2005, up from 2.3% and -0.5%, respectively, in 2003. Larger hospitals had a median profit margin of 5.1% and a median operating margin of 3.1% in 2005.

More on the 2005 ECC Guidelines

The Winter issue of the American Heart Association publication Currents is available online and contains a comprehensive overview of the 2005 Guidelines.

“This special edition of Currents presents the new material most relevant to instructors, compares it with the former guidelines, and gives you the scientific reasoning behind the change in compact and reader-friendly form.

The issue also includes links to the full guidelines document with all the references as well as an article on the evidence evaluation process, both available to you free online.”

Milestone for German Air Medical Team

From (gave me an excuse to post a picture of a helicopter):

The DRF (Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht e.V./German Air Rescue) has been saving lives on its air rescue missions, both with helicopters and ambulance aircraft for over 30 years. On November 17th, the non-profit air rescue organization flew its 325,000th mission.

The emergency dispatching center in Suhl alerted the DRF rescue helicopter for an emergency in the region of Sonneberg. A woman had fallen down the stairs sustaining serious head injuries. ”Christoph 60“ started at 7:22 a.m. and landed shortly after at the scene of the accident some 45 km away. After providing for the patient’s needs, the crew flew the patient to Meiningen. At Meiningen hospital, the DRF emergency physician and the paramedic handed the patient over to neurosurgeons.