CPR Anytime

The American Heart Association created a simple, affordable way for people to learn CPR in less than 25 minutes, for under $30–CPR Anytime™ for Family and Friends. Everything needed to complete this self-directed CPR training comes in one kit, which can be used in the convenience of the living room or family room. A single kit allows an entire family to learn CPR. The kit includes a one-of-a-kind CPR manikin, 22-minute DVD and resource booklet.

The CPR Anytime manikin is an inflatable version of the traditional CPR manikin, designed exclusively for CPR Anytime for Family and Friends by Laerdal Medical Corporation. An instructional DVD walks users through each step of the training, from inflating the manikin, to doing chest compressions and rescue breathing. The CPR Anytime for Family and Friends program allows users to keep the kit, so it can be used in a variety of training settings–from community group meetings with multiple trainees to families and individuals at home. The American Heart Association’s goal is for each person who receives a kit to take it home and share it with other family members, increasing the number of potential rescuers. The kit also allows families to refresh their skills whenever they can.

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